While  many people shy away from  hiring  a lawyer , this  can be  the only opportunity to get what  you  deserve. After  all, if  someone  hurt    you       intentionally    or      through   negligence, they must be held responsible.   At the very least,  you  shouldn’t  have to cover the  medical bills  yourself. Here  are 3     common  situations  where the top personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, can make a difference for you.

Car Accident

Car accidents are very common, but if you got hit by another driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation. How much money you receive depends on the severity of your injuries. Your injury lawyer can help you determine what a fair amount would be. They’ll take into consideration the damage to your car and the resulting repair bill, your current and future medical bills, and the trauma you’ve undergone.

If the other driver was a company employee, it may be even more important to retain a lawyer. The business owner must carry liability insurance for their vehicles, but the insurance company will do their best to lowball your claim. If they think they can get away with paying you less, they will try. And most people just don’t know that they can negotiate and fight for more.

Animal Bites

People love their pets, but sometimes those pets can hurt others. If you were bitten by a dog or other animal, an attorney might help you seek compensation. At the same time, they can help ensure that the owner restrains or trains their pet in the future. Dog bites can be an even bigger concern if the dog isn’t current on their rabies shots.

Product Liability

There are millions of new products that are released to the public each year. It’s virtually impossible to keep up with all of them. That’s why it’s entirely possible for a new product to cause harm even though that wasn’t the intention of the manufacturer. You may occasionally see recall notices for major items, including car seats, cribs, and even cell phones. These are examples of unsafe products.

If a product has caused you or a loved one harm, you may need to consult with a personal injury attorney. It takes an expert to establish liability in this case. You must show that you used the product as it was intended and that doing so caused you harm.

The Role of Injury Law

While there are some consumer agencies, the role of personal injury law is to help regulate companies and prevent harm. If someone knows there’s an issue with a product and files suit against the manufacturer, there’s a greater chance for that unsafe product to be removed from circulation. When companies are required to take responsibility for their products, they’re also more likely to follow stricter standards when testing new things. In a way, personal injury law isn’t just about righting your wrong: it will help others, too.