It's impossible to imagine the pain that comes with a wrongful death unless you've experienced it. The loss of a loved one due to a completely avoidable event compounds the misery in ways that can scar a family for a lifetime. While there is nothing that can be done to make up for a wrongful death, seeking monetary compensation through civil action such as a wrongful death lawsuit is often our only recourse. If you're considering retaining a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, here are 4 damages you can expect to recover in a wrongful death case.

1. Medical and Funeral Expenses

Generally, wrongful death lawsuits are the result of medical malpractice or an accident such as an auto accident. In extreme cases, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of a murder or manslaughter charge regardless of whether or not the assailant was found guilty of a jury. In either case, it's not uncommon for the medical expenses leading up to a loved one's death to become exorbitantly expensive. One can receive compensation for these expenses, as well as the cost of the funeral and other related expenses.

2. Pain and Suffering

The best personal injury lawyers in Bradenton, FL, know that they can likely recover damages associated with your loved one's pain and suffering from the time of injury through to his or her death. Depending on the circumstances, the degree of pain and suffering can be severe, and your lawyer should be able to secure compensation commensurate with your loved one's pain and suffering.

3. Loss of Your Loved One's Support

If your loved one was the breadwinner of your home, you can recover the losses incurred from your loved one's death. Furthermore, a parent or spouse can be expected to contribute to your family's finances, and that can be factored in as well to the damages you can expect to recover. Beyond the financial support your loved one could be expected to provide, there is also emotional and psychological support that must be accounted for.

4. Loss of Inheritance

If your loved one was likely to leave you an inheritance, even at a distant date, a wrongful death lawsuit can help you recover that inheritance. When someone dies early due to negligence or even murder, that person is unable to earn income that eventually would have been left in an inheritance. This is exactly the type of damage a wrongful death lawsuit can account for.

The premature loss of a loved one affects every aspect of your life. Seeking recovery from a wrongful death lawsuit is often the best way you can hope to recover from such a tragedy.