4 Important Things You Must Know about Injury Claims

Most people think they know everything they need to know about personal injury law because they’ve seen it all before on TV. However, real life is usually a bit different. As it is, there are a lot of misconceptions about injury claims. Here are 4 things you should be aware of before filing a claim through your Lakewood Ranch auto accident lawyer.

Settlement Offers Can Be Low

In a perfect world, the insurance company should make a fair settlement offer to you. Unfortunately, they’re not in the business of giving money away if they can avoid it. Oftentimes, it’s not really about you personally, nor does the insurance agent mean to hurt you. Instead, claims of any kind are treated as a numbers game. The more claims they can settle for less, the less money they have to spend overall.

Fortunately, your personal injury attorney knows when an offer is too low and when you’re getting a fair deal. They can negotiate on your behalf and use the numbers you have provided them with to argue for better compensation.

Timing Is Important

Few people think about filing a lawsuit while they’re recovering from injuries they sustained as the result of an accident. That’s only natural, especially if you were severely injured. Unfortunately, time isn’t always on your side in this case. Every type of case has a statute of limitations. And once you have missed that deadline, you’ve given up the right to file a suit or make any sort of claim. That’s why it’s better to consult with a lawyer sooner than later.

You Need Evidence

Getting into an accident of any kind is terrible. But it’s not enough to claim that the other driver was at fault. You need some evidence or reliable witness reports to build your case. Your personal injury attorney can obtain the police reports for you, and they can round up witnesses. You’ll need to provide evidence of injuries through your medical records. Altogether, this information will determine whether you have a case and how strong it is.

It Takes Experience

Every lawyer has to complete several years of law school and pass the bar exam to practice law. However, law school doesn’t prepare a new lawyer for the real-world cases, which is why they usually work under an experienced lawyer in the beginning. It just takes time to understand how personal injury law woks, how to get the most compensation for each case, and what needs to be done to follow the client’s best interests.

If you want to have the best possible chances of getting the compensation you deserve, you need to hire a Bradenton auto accident lawyer who has achieved many settlements for personal injury claims just like yours.