4 Most Common Car Crashes and How to Avoid Them

Car accidents are more common than you think. The average driver—and most people are average drivers—gets into a crash about once every 13 years. Minor collisions are handled by your insurance company, but a big accident, one that involves damaged property and bodily injury, usually requires the assistance of a Bradenton automobile accident attorney. Obviously, not getting into an accident is even better. Here are 4 of the most common crashes and what you can do to avoid them.

Rear-End Collisions

Getting hit by the car behind you is one of the most common car accidents. In most cases, the cause of the accident is following too closely. You should always stick to the 2-second rule, by which the car in front of you passes every road sign 2 seconds before you do. Obeying this rule ensures that you keep more distance between your car and the car in front of you when you’re going fast.

Rear-end collisions can also happen when you’re sitting at the traffic light. if the light turns green, many drivers are impatient to go, but you always have to pay attention to the car in front of you.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are designed to fit a large number of cars in relatively small spaces. Since people are constantly coming and going, it’s really important to pay close attention when you’re driving in and out. As you’re backing out of the parking spot, you should turn around and watch behind you in addition to checking your rearview mirrors and camera. It’s also a good idea to drive very slowly and obey all posted signage, ensuring you’re not going down the wrong lane.

Wildlife Impact

In rural areas, it’s not uncommon to run across wildlife. Many animals are more active at dawn and dusk, when it’s difficult to see them. Unfortunately, hitting a deer can cause a lot of damage to any kind of vehicle, and, depending on the impact, you or your passengers may also get hurt. To prevent the chance of hitting a deer or other animal, you should drive carefully in areas where they are known to congregate. Be especially vigilant about curves where visibility is reduced and drive during daylight hours whenever possible.

Side-Impact Crash

When your car gets hit from the side, the potential for serious injury is greatest. That’s why you must be extra careful to obey all traffic lights, traffic signage, and warning signs, especially at busy intersections. In addition to paying attention to the signs, you should also keep an eye on what the other cars are doing.

If you’re the victim of a serious car crash, you can use the help of a Bradenton automobile accident attorney. It’s their job to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.