5 Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

You’re injured in a car accident or you slip on water and fall in a grocery store. You require medical attention, and you aren’t able to work. You may be entitled to financial compensation from the other driver or the company responsible for your fall. It’s time to find a good lawyer. When you’re deciding which Bradenton, FL, personal injury attorney to hire for your case, there are certain qualities to look for to make sure you get an attorney that you feel confident will look out for your interests.

Relevant Experience

You need a lawyer with relevant experience in and outside the courtroom. Some lawyers narrow their practice to personal injury accidents or to certain types of personal injury cases, such as truck accidents or product liability actions. If you’re hurt in a truck accident or a motorcycle accident, find a lawyer with experience in that area. Each case is unique, but a personal injury lawyer with experience in similar cases will be better equipped to handle your case. For example, the lawyer may use a certain investigator or expert for trucking accidents.


You want a lawyer who is available and accessible. You’ll have questions about how the process of getting compensation for your injuries works. You’ll want to know about the progress of your case. You want a lawyer who’ll answer your questions. The lawyer has other clients and may not be there all the time, so look for a lawyer with good support staff. Communication is key to the attorney-client relationship, so you should have a way to communicate with the lawyer and his or her office, whether by phone, in person, by email, or by texting.


You want a lawyer who cares about your case. You need a lawyer who’s passionate about the work of helping others. A compassionate lawyer will empathize with your situation, understand the pain and frustration you’re feeling, and put forth the extra time to research your case, investigate the facts, and bring your case to the best possible conclusion. You need to know your lawyer is emotionally invested in your case and not just going through the motions.


You want a lawyer whose professional demeanor has earned the respect of his or her peers. You can research lawyers who have been named “best” in their fields. If you know lawyers, you can ask them about a lawyer whom you’re considering hiring. A lawyer’s reputation is important when the lawyer is negotiating with representatives of an insurance company and when the lawyer is litigating a case. You want a lawyer with a strong resume. You can look on a lawyer’s website to see settlements and verdicts in other cases the lawyer has handled.


You want a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable. You need to be candid and tell your lawyer all pertinent facts, good and bad. Your lawyer doesn’t need to be surprised when negotiating a settlement or trying a case. You need to trust that your lawyer will do what is necessary to look out for your best interests. You want a lawyer who will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You can use the initial consultation to decide if the lawyer’s personality gels with yours.

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