5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

If you’re in an accident, you have to deal with a lot of consequences. In addition to recovering physically the best you can, you might have to account for missed time at work, medical expenses, emotional distress, and several other life-altering problems that you might not foresee. The fact is, you’re entitled to fair compensation to help you recover from the financial losses that result from a personal injury. Here are some indications that it may be time to seek out a personal injury lawyer in Parrish, FL.

1.   An Injury Is Serious

The more serious the injury, the more you’re likely to suffer, both physically and financially. Depending on the accident, you may be suffering from the effects of an injury for years into the future. Hiring an attorney who’s an expert in personal injuries can help protect you and your family from the financial losses that may occur as a result of that injury.

2. Devastating Hospital Bills

An accident can result in medical bills you simply can’t afford. You may have to be rushed to an emergency room or find yourself responsible for something as necessary as the ambulance ride. Further complicating things, you might not be able to afford seeing a doctor. Fortunately, a personal injury attorney can help you get the attention you need by referring you to a doctor who won’t require payment up front.

3. An Injury Is Worse Than You Thought

Most fender-benders don’t require you to do anything more than file a claim with your insurance company. It’s not uncommon, however, that what starts as an insignificant injury only gets worse over time. A minor accident on the road or at work may not seem like much at the time but could result in orthopedic problems or the need for physical therapy. In such an instance, you’ll want to know that you’re protected.

4. You’re Unfairly Deemed at Fault

It would be nice if people took responsibility for their actions, but sadly, that’s not always the case. There may be instances where you’re certain the other person was responsible for an accident, but either they or their insurers refuse to assume liability. Hiring an attorney who’s an expert in personal injury law can help you assign liability where it properly belongs, so you can receive the compensation that you’re due.

5. An Unfair Settlement Offer

Sometimes the liability isn’t in question and you’ll be offered a settlement by the other party’s insurer before you ever go to court. Often, they will low ball you in an effort to save money and settle the suit as quickly as possible. When you hire a personal injury attorney, they can properly assess the harm you’ve suffered and the compensation that you’re owed. Suffering from an injury is bad enough. You shouldn’t have to pay financially for the rest of your life when someone else is responsible.

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