Basics of Medical Payments (MedPay) Auto Coverage

Buying the right auto insurance policy can be tricky if you are unsure of all the terms and some of the various coverage options that you have available. Medical payments coverage can be a great way to save on your auto insurance and get all the coverage you need. Here are the basics of medical payments (MedPay) auto coverage in Florida that you need to talk about with an injury lawyer in Sarasota.

Protects the Driver and Passengers

The truth is that very rarely is the doctor the only one injured in a car accident where passengers were in the vehicle. Where some auto insurance coverage options only cover you as the driver, medical payments kick in to cover you and your passengers as well in the event you have exhausted your insurance deductible.

Kicks in after You Exceed Your Health Insurance Limits

Medical payments insurance coverage takes effect once your own health insurance limits are exceeded. Many people do not shop for auto insurance with their health insurance in mind. An auto insurance policy that includes medical payments coverage ensures that you have additional coverage to compensate for a health insurance policy that doesn’t quite cover everything.

Can Protect You as a Pedestrian or Cyclist

Don’t you wish that there was a way to keep yourself protected from astronomical medical expenses if you are injured in an auto pedestrian accident? With MedPay coverage, there is.

Medical payments coverage is also beneficial for you if you also tend to walk or take a bicycle. With this type of coverage, you can add an option known as pedestrian protection, which covers medical expenses if you are injured in an auto-pedestrian accident.

Medical payments auto insurance coverage can help cover some of your additional expenses related to an accident after your health insurance maxes out. Here are some of the things you need to know about this type of coverage to ensure you are protected as much as possible in the event of an accident. Talk with an injury lawyer in Sarasota about your best options for more information.