Bicycle Safety Tips for the Summer

With the warm weather setting in, many people are pulling out the bikes and skateboards to enjoy cruising in the sun. While these rides create lasting memories, they can lead to accidents if one is not careful. To avoid the need for an injury lawyer in Sarasota, brush up on bike safety. These tips can decrease the chances of a tragedy occurring.

·         Helmets aren’t optional, they are mandatory. Protecting the brain with a helmet can be lifesaving. Children and adults should wear helmets anytime they are riding bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, or scooters.

·         Bikes should fit appropriately. Different bikes are built to fit different heights. As a rule of thumb, there should be 1 to 2 inches between the rider and the top bar of a road bike or cruiser. That distance increases to 3 to 4 inches when it is a mountain bike. This allows the rider optimum control and safety while navigating the roads.

·         Maintenance is important. Before setting out, inspect the bike to ensure that there are no flat tires, faulty brakes, or loose chains.

·         Wear proper attire. Being seen by other drivers is important when riding a bike. Wear fluorescent or neon when riding. It doesn’t matter the time of day—reflectors, flashing lights, and bright colors make it possible for cars and other drivers to steer clear of bike riders.

·         Pay close attention to the road. Potholes, glass, gravel, puddles, and dogs can all pose serious hazards to bike riders. When riding, pay attention to the surroundings. When riding with friends, alert those following of any upcoming hazards that are seen.

·         Don’t ride at night. It’s difficult to see riders at night. Try to bike only during the daytime hours. If it’s necessary to do some pedaling in the evening, ensure that the bike is equipped with lights and reflectors.

Brushing up on biking safety lessens the chance of an accident happening. If an incident does occur, be sure to hire a Sarasota personal injury attorney to handle the case, increasing the chance of winning.