Differences: Semi-Truck Accident vs Auto Accident

Each of these are road accidents, but there are several differences between a regular auto accident and an accident involving a semi-truck. If you’ve been involved in one of these roadway accidents, it’s important to hire the right injury lawyer in Bradenton. Hiring the wrong attorney who doesn’t have experience with the type of accident you were in means you won’t get the compensation you deserve. In this article, you’ll learn how the differences between the two accidents affect your case.

Weight and Size

There are major weight differences between semi-trucks and cars. The average car weighs around 4,000 pounds, but semi-trucks weigh 20 times more. Because of these size differences it’s obvious that damage from an 80,000 pound semi is going to be more than between 2 vehicles. The potential for serious loss and damage is exponential when accidents happen with a semi.

Medical Bills and Severity of Injury

Semi accidents cause a great deal of injury to people involved in the accident. Often, these accidents cause serious injuries and, in more cases than not, death. When a person is involved in a semi accident, it’s more likely that the recovery time is going to be quite long. This needs to be factored into your decision to hire a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL. You need a lawyer who has experience calculating not only medical needs currently, but also any lifelong disabilities that accompany serious injuries.

Insurance Coverage and Liability Insurance

A lot of 18-wheeler accidents happen because of truck driver negligence. Truck drivers are on a tight schedule and, sometimes, to stay on track they drive when they’re too tired. Some drivers are sometimes under the influence of a substance to stay awake, which actually ends up impairing their driving. Additionally, there could be an issue with truck maintenance that makes the 18-wheeler unsafe on the road. All of these are examples of truck driver or trucking company liability.

These types of accidents often get hashed out with insurance companies and get downright nasty. Insurance adjusters are never looking out to for the injured, only for their bottom line. They want to pay out as little as possible. For this reason, you must hire the best personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL. You don’t want your case to be affected negatively. Hiring the right attorney means the difference between getting a low payout and getting the money you need to support you and your family while you recover from injuries.

Avoiding Road Injuries

Semi-trucks and personal vehicles have to share the road. Sometimes this leads to accidents that are unavoidable. That being said, it’s a good idea to learn how to share the road with each other. The unfortunate truth is that truck drivers don’t always see passenger vehicles because large trucks have real blind spots.

One way vehicle owners can avoid costly and dangerous collisions with semi-trucks is to stay out of the truck’s blind spots. Also, don’t follow too close behind 18-wheelers. If you need to stop suddenly, you won’t have room to safely do so. Another tip is to not ride alongside large trucks. If you need to pass the truck, do so quickly. This keeps you from hanging out in the blind spots.

If you were involved in an accident with a semi, contact Erjavec Injury Law to schedule an appointment with an experienced injury lawyer in Bradenton.