Documents Required for Car Accident Compensation Claims

Each case is different. Since no two personal-injury claims are ever precisely the same, it’s always recommended that you speak with an attorney before making any final decisions. However, documents and evidence will be required. The stronger a case that you can present, the better chance you have of receiving a favorable settlement. The nature of the accident and the specifics of your injuries that resulted from the accident will ultimately determine the sort of materials that you need. Certain documents are quite common, and you’ll find information below that’ll be helpful when reviewing your details. There’s no such thing as being overprepared, so don’t hesitate to double and triple check to ensure that you have everything in order.

Official Reports and Photos

Reports should be relatively easy to acquire. This includes any police reports or those from other law enforcement agencies. You should also have 911 recordings and reconstruction reports. The records on reconstruction might belong to the police and your attorney should be able to acquire them for you.

You probably noticed officers and even onlookers taking photos or videos of the accident. If you had the presence of mind to do so, you could have taken some yourself. Be sure to compile as much photo, video, and audio evidence as possible. Your neighbors or friends could assist if they have data available.

Statements and Medical Records

Witness statements and victim statements are always gathered after an accident. You’ll need copies of all these statements. If you remembered to do so, it’s a good idea to make a journal entry or take notes yourself. Your memory will be much fresher and more reliable shortly after the accident rather than weeks or months later. These details can prove invaluable.

Medical documentation is essential. Your doctor’s examination, the results of tests that have been performed, and any reports from specialists should all be compiled. If you’ve sought out second opinions, you’ll need to include those documents as well.

Research, Evidence, and Insurance

Research is a big part of what attorneys do. The service history of vehicles or equipment and evidence of past safety concerns or previous violations will all be relevant. Physical evidence is excellent to have on hand, such as damaged clothing or other items that were harmed during the accident. Your insurance information and the insurance details from any other parties will be required.

Financial Information

Proof of lost wages, medical bills, invoices and estimates for repairs, and receipts for payment should all be kept and put together as part of your case. This financial information is hugely important, so try not to forget anything. You always have the option to request documents from your work or bank if needed. The more data you provide your car accident attorney in Bradenton, the stronger your case will be.