Florida Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to the most recent report from the Department of Transportation, there are over 8 million registered motorcycles across the United States. This means that one out of every 36 people you meet in America has a motorcycle. Ownership translates to ridership, with thousands of people heading to work, school, and play on their motorcycles in lieu of cars or public transportation options.

But this beloved means of transportation comes with a cost; 606 lives were lost in Florida alone in 2015. A study by AAA (American Automobile Association) revealed that Florida continues to lead the nation in motorcycle fatalities, a dismal fact that lawmakers and activists are working hard to change.

The number of deaths in Florida jumped 30 percent from 2014 to 2017, while the number of registered motorcycles in the state increased by about 3 percent. This means more people are riding motorcycles and more people are dying. It’s a sad fact that motorcycles account for a mere three percent of registered vehicles, yet they are involved in 20 percent of Florida’s vehicle fatalities.

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