Get Help from Car Accident Attorney for Your Claims

If you have recently been involved in an automobile accident, you may want to consider hiring an accident attorney in Sarasota. Each case will vary from person to person which is why many law offices offer free consultations to determine the details of your case. There are several advantages to letting an attorney handle your case, especially if you or a member of your family has suffered injuries as a result of an accident. Here are several ways the accident attorneys at the offices of Matthew Erjavec, PA, can help you with your case.

Gathering Evidence

Obtaining and organizing evidence pertaining to your case involves a lot of legwork which is difficult to do when you are bedridden because of personal injuries. Even if you took pictures of the accident scene and damages to your vehicle, a lawyer can revisit the scene of the incident with fresh eyes. Sometimes they are able to point out road hazards or environmental factors that could affect your case.

A lawyer will also be able to obtain all accident reports and interviews of witnesses and responding officers. Obtaining medical records can be a hassle for several reasons. Depending on where you went for treatment, the medical staff may be ill-equipped to handle records requests in a timely manner. Hospital record requests can be very complex and, if not handled properly, denied or ignored. A lawyer who actively follows up on records requests will have better luck navigating these pathways.

Handling Negotiations

Negotiations between other lawyers, lien-holders, and insurance adjusters can be difficult. A good accident attorney will be able to determine the value of your case and get top dollar through skilled negotiations. You can always try to negotiate on your own behalf, however. If the other party has a lawyer, they will likely take advantage of your lack of legal experience. Lien-holders are usually involved in disability and worker’s compensation cases. They receive payment before you do out of any settlement, but your lawyer can work to lower lien-holder fees and put more money in your pocket. If your case goes to court, your chances of winning are better when you rely on a legal representation instead of representing yourself.

For more information or consultation, contact your trusted Sarasota car accident attorney at the offices of Matthew Erjavec, PA.