How Can an Expert Witness Help Your Injury Claim?

When you are involved in an accident, an attorney can help you get compensation for your injuries. In many cases, the testimony of witnesses at the scene is important, but you may also require the help of expert witnesses for your case. Your attorney will suggest when it’s appropriate to seek expert testimony, and they will also find the experts to support your case in court.

What Is an Expert Witness?

Expert witnesses are specialists in their field. While they weren’t present at the scene of the accident, they have specific knowledge that is relevant to the case. For instance, an expert witness could reconstruct the accident and explain how fast each vehicle was going before the impact, where the vehicles were located in relation to each other, and at which point the drivers started applying the brakes. Information like this could help the jury or judge understand what happened at the scene of the accident. This directly impacts the outcome of your case.

Type of Expertise

There are many different types of expert witnesses. For example, you will find many of them in the healthcare field. A medical doctor’s testimony could be valuable in demonstrating the types of injuries the accident caused as well as the projected recovery time. Their testimony can be useful in evaluating any future care that may be needed as the result of the accident and if you’re likely to suffer other long-term consequences as a result of your injuries.

Another type of expert witness is an economist. They may be called on to calculate property damage, lost wages, or lost earning capacity. Each case requires the help of different types of experts, although many cases will need medical experts and economists to calculate actual and future damage.

Supporting Your Claim

Technically, you don’t need to hire any expert witnesses to support your personal injury claim. However, if you want a chance of succeeding, it’s rarely enough to tell your story of what happened. An experienced car accident attorney in Bradenton, FL, can help you build your case with the help of expert witnesses. Their testimony is crucial to clearly explain to the court what happened and why you should receive compensation for your claim. In addition to proving fault and causation of your injuries, expert witnesses can also help determine what your claim is worth.

You don’t have to know which expert witnesses are needed for your case. That’s the job of your attorney. Don’t be surprised if several experts are needed to prove your claim. It’s best to trust your lawyer here because they have more experience than you.