How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

A personal injury takes a lot out of your mental, emotional, and physical health. If you choose to file, you may be wondering how long a personal injury case will take to close and how long it could extend your experience with your injury. This varies based on each individual. We’re here to explain the factors that determine the length of your case.

Medical Treatment

Your first priority should be to seek treatment. Oftentimes this is also something that plays a role in how long your suit can take. If your injury has a significant impact on your life, you’ll want to document your recovery process. This includes everything from the initial diagnosis to your level of pain each day. These records show a clear picture of how the injury has affected your life. The minimum time your case needs, often coincides with the duration of your recovery and beyond.

Court Case

Not all personal injury cases see their day in court. Most cases can be settled before entering the courtroom through mediation. Many hope for mediation within their case because that means it is a clear case that both sides can handle without the involvement of a judge.

If the case is not resolved through mediation, you can expect a trial to be scheduled which can prolong the timeline of your case. A personal injury trial can be as short as a day or take up to a few weeks depending on a variety of factors. Some states only allow trials to be held for half a day which doubles the time you’re in court. Other times, the judge’s schedule just doesn’t line up and your lawsuit needs to be rescheduled.


The typical timeframe for a case to be resolved is anywhere from 6 months to few years. Some lawsuits take longer to get to trial and circumstances surrounding the case can drag it out by even longer. If there are legal or factual issues surrounding the case, a large amount of money involved, or you are still receiving medical treatment, your case can take more time to resolve.

Statute of Limitations

The important takeaway is to consult with a personal injury lawyer, such as Erjavec Injury Law, as soon as possible when an injury occurs. They are the experts in understanding these cases and can help determine exactly what you need and what to expect. The statute of limitations for personal injury cases can be a few years which means you need to have all your documents and preparation in order to not miss out on receiving potential claims and settlements.

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