How Much Can I Get from a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury is any sort of accident that impacts a person’s ability to function or work as normal. These accidents include dog bites, car accidents, injuries on the job, or accidents due to faulty products.  No matter how the injury occurred, the victim could be entitled to damages. The first step in claiming this compensation is hiring an injury lawyer in Bradenton. From there, a few factors will be considered when determining how much money will be awarded.

Medical Bills

Following an injury, it’s necessary to be treated by a medical professional if a person is considering seeking compensation. A doctor is able to examine and treat the injury and recommend a course of action. Whether the medical treatment is a onetime occurrence or takes years to resolve, it’s vital to keep all medical bills. Emergency room visits, specialists, doctors’ visits, and physical therapy all can all be counted as damages caused by the accident. These will be tallied into the amount that should be received in damages.


An injury can impact a person’s ability to work and provide for themselves and their family. This type of hardship can be devastating. Depending on how the accident has impacted a person’s life, it could be counted as damages that warrant compensation.

Property Loss

If any type of property was damaged or lost during the accident, compensation is necessary. Whether a car, clothing, jewelry, or other item was destroyed, this should be included in the list of damages to be recovered.

Pain and Suffering

Oftentimes, the injuries incurred as a result of an accident last for years. Discomfort, pain, and emotional distress can linger for quite a while. These limitations and disabilities should all be accounted for when trying to establish how much should be collected in damages at the end of the case.

A personal injury attorney in Bradenton can help put a monetary amount on the level of damages that have occurred as a result of an accident. The victim of an accident should never handle a personal injury case on his or her own. Instead, the injured party should hire a professional and get what is deserved.