How the Defense Attacks Your Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, the defense will work hard to discredit you or reduce the compensation that you receive. To do this, they will use all of their best tactics to try to beat your claim. To help you prepare for and defend against these attacks, first you need to understand what they are, and then you need to contact a local Sarasota injury attorney for legal counsel.

Share the Blame

By claiming comparable negligence, the defense will attempt to reduce the amount of damages you’ll be able to receive from your case. The defense will essentially search for any way that you may have been at least partially at fault in the accident, and they’ll use that claim to share the blame with you and limit the compensation you receive.

Cast the Blame

The defense may also claim that you put yourself at risk during your accident and that your personal risky choice led to your injury. If the defense can demonstrate that you were warned of danger or knew about potential risks before you were injured, they may be able to reduce your claim or have it dismissed.

Refer to Prior Injuries

If you suffer from pre-existing injuries similar to the ones in your claim, the defense may question the cause of your injury and argue that your condition was pre-existing rather than a result of your accident. They may attempt to subpoena your medical records in order to demonstrate that your condition preceded your current lawsuit.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, don’t take on the defense alone. Hire a personal injury claim attorney and take advantage of a lawyer’s expertise. The defense will do everything in its power to dismiss or reduce your claim, so it’s important that you have a competent and experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. A lawyer with experience will know the best methods for defending against the oppositions’ attacks and will help you to get the best compensation possible for your claim.