How to Collect Evidence after a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are common and there are over 8 million motorcycles on roadways all throughout the United States. With the increase in the use of motorcycles, there is also an increase in motorcycle accidents. There are an estimated 5,000 fatal motorcycle crashes each year. Collecting the right evidence can offer a great starting point for  motorcycle accident attorney in Bradenton.


Most mobile phones are equipped with cameras, which makes it easy to take photos at the scene of the accident and submit to a car accident attorney in Bradenton. Certain insurance companies provide their customers with mobile phone apps that enable them to take photos of the damage from the accident to submit to the claims department. If it’s feasible, take photos of the accident scene. If you’re not able to take the photos yourself because of an injury, ask a friend or family member to help you. Keep in mind that you should convey that you’re taking photos for insurance purposes if someone tries to prevent you from documenting the accident scene. If the individual still keeps trying to interfere, then it’s time to contact law enforcement. Additionally, find out if there were any traffic or surveillance cameras in the area. The following items are what you should take photos of:

·         All vehicle damage

·         All physical injuries

·         The scene of the accident

·         The road signs and the road itself at the accident scene

·         Any evidence that shows the weather conditions


Gather witness information such as contact information and names. If there were other people nearby that saw the accident, it’s important to gather their contact information and names as well. The accident police report should include this information, but it’s not always guaranteed that a police report will contain all of the information, especially if any of the witnesses leave the accident scene.

Police Reports

Police reports are vital pieces of evidence from an official third party who can testify to their report in court. Typically, individuals who were involved in an accident are immediately given a copy of the police report. In situations where a report is not provided, it can be requested at the police department of the accident’s jurisdiction.

Evidence of Damages

This is the process that involves documenting damages that are related to the accident. This process is usually conducted over an extended period of time. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you should consult with a Bradenton auto accident attorney and you may be entitled to financial compensation for expenses and injuries that resulted from the at-fault party. At a minimum, an injured motorcyclist may receive the following forms of compensation:

·         Compensation for replacement, loss of value to their property, or repair

·         Compensation for medical care that was caused by the injury

·         Compensation for lost earning capacity, which includes present and future wages

·         Compensation for mental impact as a result of the injury.

Medical Care Documentation

You will need to record the names of all medical providers and dates of medical treatments to collect information regarding the case. Any bills should be gathered with a running total showing which bill has been taken care of by the insurance or by the injured individual. It’s advisable to consult with a personal injury accident attorney in Bradenton, FL, for the best possible results.

Vehicle Damage Repairs and Estimates

All property damage that was caused by the accident must be documented with receipts for towing and repairs. It’s also critical to keep a record of receipts for replacement of rental vehicles and damaged property.