How to Deal With a Brain Injury Lawsuit

If you are considering a brain injury lawsuit, the chances are that you or someone you love has suffered a head injury that has changed the trajectory of your life. It could have happened via a number of different reasons, but it is serious enough to warrant time and effort as you seek a fair outcome.

Five Ways to Handle a Florida Brain Injury Lawsuit

A pending brain injury lawsuit will require sophisticated legal strategies and strong evidence before you have your day in court. Here are Erjavec Injury Law’s suggestions for preparing your brain injury lawsuit:

#1 Learn More About A Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury can cause life-threatening damage, such as permanent paralysis and mental disability. While a severe traumatic brain injury does not take much effort to prove, a mild traumatic brain injury including injuries like a concussion often falls prey to harsh cross-questioning.

Mild traumatic brain injuries typically follow a knock to the skull. The head forcefully collides with an object, and the brain rapidly accelerates and then decelerates with the inertia of the impact. Brain injury cases require careful preparation because most clients appear normal on the outside, even though they suffer mentally and emotionally.

#2 Gather Proof of Injury

Justifying the case for a brain injury is challenging. At Erjavec Injury Law, our knowledgeable and experienced brain injury lawyers represent clients in several brain injury cases per year, preparing them for trial and settlement negotiations. We do this by:

● Reviewing their medical documents.
● Assessing the facts of the case.
● Preparing them for the proceedings.
● Gathering enough proof to present in court.

Our brain injury law firm works tirelessly to help Erjavec Injury Law’s clients smoothly navigate their brain injury lawsuits in the Florida legal system.

#3 Document Symptoms Carefully

Locally, our injury lawyer sees many of the same symptoms coming up in court after mild traumatic brain injuries, including:

● Balance issues

● Dizziness

● Nausea

● Vision problems

● Mental fog

● Impaired memory

● Confusion

● Drowsiness

● Nervousness

The symptoms pose many challenges during the process, and managing your case is easier with our competent brain injury lawyers.

#4 Review the Process

At Erjavec Injury Law, we begin by making our clients aware of their rights. We can file a brain injury lawsuit against the defendant responsible and build the foundation of the case.

A brain injury case includes:

Building proof: medical bills, doctor letterheads, and insurance company documents.

Keeping records: pain levels, emotions, therapy sessions, and doctor appointments.

Lending support: embracing help from loved ones.

Upholding rights: showing how the injury infringes your legal rights.

Maintaining documents: putting everything in writing and organizing clear documentation of decisions or court orders.

Treating the injury: scheduling regular medical checks for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Navigating litigation is easier with Erjavec Injury Law firm. Our brain injury lawyer also has plenty of experience with Florida’s insurance companies, so be sure to call us before accepting a settlement.

#5 Choose A Reliable Brain Injury Law Firm Like Erjavec Injury Law

When third parties cause a brain injury, you need detailed evidence and a thorough investigation to prove your case. Erjavec Injury Law’s brain injury attorneys are well-equipped to help you seek justice for your suffering.

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