How to Report an Auto Accident to the Police

Auto accidents can be incredibly traumatic events. Even if no one is hurt, the damage to your car, and the problems that can results with insurance companies can create a tremendous strain on you and your pocketbook. The important thing is to do everything correctly the instant you get into an auto accident, so you’re covered in the event of any further complications. In the event of an accident, it may be necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. Bradenton, FL, has several you can call, but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know to file an auto accident report to the police.

Protect Yourself in Case of Damages

Depending on where you live, the law may not require reporting every accident to the police. However, by reporting your accident to the police you’ll be prepared should an injury that went unnoticed become apparent later on. Also, damage to your car may not be noticeable until well after the fact. By filing a report, you have a recording of the incident on record that will back up your claims.

Protect Yourself from False Claims

It’s fortunate when everyone can agree on what happened in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. When you file a police report, you’re putting your accounting of the accident down in the official record while your memory is still fresh. This is invaluable should the other party make false claims about the accident.

Assists with Car Insurance Claims

Car accidents set off a series of complicated processes. A police report can simplify things by facilitating the claims process with your auto insurance company. By making the process more efficient, you’re more likely to come to a quicker resolution, and receive payout on your claim. If, heaven forbid, the accident should result in a court case, the police report will be of tremendous help to your attorney.

What You Should Include in a Police Report

It’s important any police report you file should be as accurate and detailed as possible. You’ll want to include a description of what happened, including details such as the number of people involved, and the other driver’s name and insurance information. If there are witnesses, include their names and contact information, as well as their account of the accident. Don’t neglect to include any damage to your vehicle as well as any injuries you or your passengers sustained. Don’t exaggerate, but don’t skip anything, no matter how small it seems. You never know how injuries or damage could change over time.

When an accident happens, don’t panic. Be thorough in filling out the police report and take photos. Also, hiring an auto accident lawyer in Bradenton, FL, is one of the best ways to protect yourself should you have any problems with the other driver, or your insurance company.