Maximize Your Claim by Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting injured in an accident is bad enough. The last thing you want to do is compound the injury by not taking the necessary steps to protect yourself. Whether you’ve gotten into a car accident or were injured due to a defective product, you could be facing daunting expenses. Besides hospital bills, you could miss out on work or even lose your job. Even if you’re insured, there’s no guarantee your insurance company will honor your claim much less give you the settlement you need. The only way you can ensure the best settlement possible is if you hire a personal injury lawyer in Lakewood Ranch. Here’s why.

Personal Injury Attorneys Know Insurance Companies

It’d be nice to think you can rely on your insurance company in a time of need, but this is rarely the case. Insurance companies don’t make money by handing out hefty settlements. Once an accident takes place, their goal is to provide you with as little support as possible. Anyone who considers themselves the best personal injury attorney in Lakewood Ranch, FL, knows how insurance companies will try to intimidate their customers. They’ll blame you for causing the accident, they’ll doubt the extent of your injuries, and they’ll even try to achieve different results by requiring you to meet with one of their approved health care professionals. If they can, they’ll try to create logjams throughout the process so that you’ll become desperate for a settlement and more willing to accept whatever they have to offer. Personal injury attorneys see through such schemes and will stick with you to make sure you get the claim you deserve.

They Can Put a Monetary Value on Pain and Suffering

After an accident where you’re not at fault, you’re entitled to far more than just the expenses you’ve incurred. You should also be compensated to account for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced due to the accident. Personal injury attorneys know how to calculate all the factors in a way to maximize your claim effectively. They also have a firm understanding of the long-term expenses associated with your injury. Will you require medical care for the next few years or perhaps the rest of your life? Will your injuries have a detrimental effect on your ability to find and retain work? These are the kinds of questions they’ll ask so that you’re protected, whatever the circumstance.

Determining Who’s Responsible

After an accident, more needs to be done than simply saying that you’re not at fault. You need to prove that the other party is at fault. Having a personal injury attorney by your side means you have access to their team of medical investigators, medical experts, incident recreation specialists, and other expert witnesses. Whether it’s another driver who’s at fault or your accident is the result of faulty equipment, gathering as much information as possible is essential in securing a claim.

If you’ve recently been injured in an accident and want to get the most out of your claim, contact the personal injury professionals at Erjavec Injury Law. We’ll assign you an expert attorney in personal injury in Lakewood Ranch, FL, so you won’t have to secure a settlement alone. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (941) 907-1133.