Questions to Ask a Prospective Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you find yourself injured from a workplace incident, an automotive injury, or some other kind of situation, your next step should be contacting the best personal injury lawyer in Lakewood Ranch, FL. While this may not be the foremost thought that springs to mind, it should certainly be near the top. Personal injury attorneys are prevalent throughout both the country and in Florida, but if you’ve never had to hire one before, finding a lawyer that you’re comfortable with can be a daunting task.

Once you’ve found a lawyer, what kind of questions should you ask? Would you even know where to start? We’ve provided a list below to help you seek out and find the lawyer that fits your wants and needs and who will provide the best kind of legal representation for your case.

1. Have You Worked on Cases Like Mine Before?

While many lawyers specialize in certain areas of the law, many also have a wide breadth of experience in various types of cases. However, a lawyer with significant experience handling personal injury cases like yours is one you want helping you navigate the legal system while you heal.

2. How Successful Have You Been with Those Cases?

While a lawyer’s track record isn’t a perfect indicator of their skill level, a lawyer who has seen more successful endings to trials or litigation is one you may be able to put more faith in to help you get the help you deserve while injured.

3.) Is Payment Required Up Front or When the Case Has Concluded?

Every firm is different in regards to this. While some don’t require payment until your case has reached a conclusion, many still take note of billable hours and require on-going payments while the case drags on through the court system. If you’re unable to make the necessary payments, ask if the firm in question has payment plans or ways for you to take care of the payments in a way that’s beneficial for both you and for them.

4.) Can You Provide References from Past Clients?

Understand that some law firms may be hesitant to offer up references, citing attorney-client privilege, which can last long after the client has deceased. If their unwillingness to offer up names of clients is due to client privacy, that’s not a bad sign.

However, it’s possible you may have heard of your attorney through friends by word of mouth, so getting opinions from those people is something worth looking into if that wasn’t your first step in finding legal representation.

5.) Will You Be Handling My Case Personally or Will Associates Be Spearheading Things?

The size of a legal firm could play a huge role in this answer. The larger the firm, the more likely it is that you may have associates handling the minutiae of your case while your lawyer presides as the face of it, handling all things in the court and with the opposing counsel. The smaller the firm, the more likely it is that your lawyer will handle all the particulars of your personal injury case.

6.) How Long Could the Case Take?

Depending on the case load of the particular court that handles your kind of case, you can expect your personal injury case to take over a year. Because there are myriad pieces at play, this is a question your lawyer may not be able to answer fully. If they’re experienced, they may be able to give you a fairly decent estimate, however. Just be sure you don’t expect an exact time frame for your case to reach a conclusion.

Armed with these questions, you should have no trouble seeking out and finding the best personal injury lawyer in Lakewood Ranch, FL.