Reserve Your Right to Car Accident Compensation

Florida may be a nice state to drive in, but it has one of the highest fatality car accident rates in the nation. Drivers need to be prepared to respond to a crash at any time. If you’ve been in an accident, you should assess the situation to see if you need help from a Brandenton automobile accident attorney

in acquiring compensation for your vehicle’s damage or personal injuries. It can be overwhelming to find yourself on the side of the road with your damaged vehicle but knowing what to do in a crash beforehand can help you remain calm in these stressful scenarios.

Record Details and Exchange Information

You need to make sure you have your car insurance information and your phone with you whenever you are driving. Keep your insurance information in a memorable and convenient spot, such as the glove compartment. Once you and the other driver are on the side of the road in a safe area, you need to see their driver’s license, license plate, and insurance information and they need to see yours.

You also should consider getting the other drivers’ phone number and email address in case they fall behind on responding to the insurance company and your claims. Take pictures of the car damages and the scene while you’re at it.


While you can get all the information about the crash on your own with a cell phone and maybe a notepad, you might also have to contact the police to take a look at the scene. They are necessary in case you two can’t agree on who was at fault in the crash, but they can still be useful even if the other driver takes responsibility. The police will file a report expressing their views on the matter after examining the scene. You could potentially use that report if any disagreements arise between you and the other driver or you and the insurance company. Since most personal injury trials don’t usually have a lot of witnesses, it can give you a significant advantage.

Set Reserve with Insurance Company

Now that you’ve got all the information about the accident you need, you can file a claim with the insurance company. They create a reserve account that lays out what costs they will pay that cover your damages and injuries. Their estimates are based upon what information you’ve given them about the accident in question, so be as thorough as you can when providing them the information. In case you discover any further developments about your car damages or your injuries after they set up the reserve, make sure to inform them so they can increase the amount they owe you.

However, the insurance company may not feel obligated to cover all of the damages you listed in your claim. If they spot any inconsistencies or hints that you had responsibility in the crash, they will take advantage of it. If this happens, you shouldn’t cut your losses and just take what they have to offer immediately.

Take It to Court When Necessary

In case you’re still arguing with the other driver over whose fault it is, or the insurance company isn’t giving you the compensation you deserve, it’s time to contact a car accident attorney. These crashes can be difficult to recover from physically and financially, so you need additional assistance if you face further opposition.

You only have so much time before your chance to get compensation runs out, so make sure you contact Erjavec Injury Law, a trusted and experienced law firm, to handle your automobile accident claim.