Rising Impact of Technology in Personal Injury Law

Technology in the legal industry has come a long way. You can easily find a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL, with a simple Google search. Keep reading to learn more from Erjavec Injury Law, about how technology has changed the legal industry.

Artificial Intelligence and Claim Assessment

Computers and the internet have helped connect more and more people via social media. It has also helped connect people to businesses. When it comes to accidents and personal injury, you can file an accident claim online and connect directly with a legal representative via smartphone and live chat. Artificial intelligence software is also helping legal professionals organize, assess, and document your claim information. In the past, this process was usually performed by a data entry technician and could take several hours to process a single claim. However, with AI software, claims are processed and evaluated in a matter of seconds. AI technology has also helped secure files and give both lawyers and claimants peace of mind when it comes to their privacy.

Technology in the Courtroom

Technology is also playing a role inside the courtroom to help solve cases and win lawsuits. In a 2014 case in Alberta, attorneys used a FitBit to help a personal trainer who was involved in a car accident. Even though the FitBit was available at the time of the accident, the lawyers were able to establish a fitness profile for the injured woman and compare it to the profiles of other healthy individuals using a program called Vivametrica. By comparing the profiles, they were able to show that the claimant was less active after her accident compared to others in her age range, which proved to the insurance company that she was not faking an injury.

Technology-Based Injury Claims

While technology has helped improve daily life in a variety of ways, it can also do irreversible damage. The number of car accidents caused by distracted drivers has risen sharply over the last decade as more and more people ignore the warnings about texting while driving. Vape pens are another new technology that has stirred up controversy. These electronic smoking devices have been known to overheat and start fires causing serious physical injury as well as property damage. If you’ve been injured as a result of a distracted driving accident or another technology-based incident, contact Erjavec Injury Law, the top personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL.