By federal law, all drivers are required to have car insurance, and companies are required to have workman’s compensation insurance. Insurance companies have financial limits for all their insurance policies and will fight not to pay over those limits. For example, let’s say you sustain a certain back injury at work. The insurance company has data on the average cost for rehabilitation for that particular injury, and they are willing to pay out that much money.

But your situation may be outside the norm, and this is why hiring one of the personal injury lawyers in Bradenton, FL, is important. A lawyer will work with a team of experts to establish, with evidence, why the settlement offer from the insurance company is inadequate. These experts include an array of medical professionals, accident reconstructionists, etc. The process takes time as all these people need to do their research, write up their findings, and present this information to your lawyer. Then your lawyer needs to review this information and put together a just financial amount for your case.

Then the back and forth begins between your lawyer and the insurance company. With the threat of a lawsuit hanging over their heads, the insurance company will weigh the evidence from your attorney and determine if they should pay more money or let the matter go to court and have a judge or jury decide what is fair, just, and equitable.

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