Signs You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

An accident that’s the result of someone’s negligence can put you out of work for a limited period of time if it’s minor or longer following a more substantial mishap that caused serious injuries to you. As medical bills and household expenses mount in the weeks and months you’re not working, you feel the financial strain.

Someone has to be held responsible for the accident that forced upon you medical treatment and rehabilitation, loss of income, and the overall impact on your quality of life. The liquid spilled on the supermarket floor is an inconvenient mess until you slip on the spill and tear ligaments in your knee, putting you in a cast and out of work.

A personal injury attorney in Bradenton, FL, is the person to contact when you’re on the wrong end of a car crash or any accident in which the other party is clearly at fault. Here are five signs that tell you to consider hiring the services of a lawyer to represent you in a case you believe is worth pursuing.

Insurer Won’t Listen

One clear sign that you may want the services of a personal injury attorney is when the insurance company of the negligent party refuses to meet your terms. Most insurance companies will propose a settlement that’s much lower than the compensation you believe you deserve for your injury. An experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer prepared to negotiate on your behalf is your best option to get the opposing insurance company to listen.

Liability Isn’t Clear

You may have been in an accident in which multiple parties were involved and more than one person could be responsible for your injuries. In a situation like that, you’ll want the services of a personal injury accident attorney to sort it all out and determine liability and responsibility.

You Have Legal Questions

Your knowledge of personal injury law may be limited but trying to negotiate on your own with the insurance company representing the driver or company at fault for the accident can be disastrous. There are people who’ll speak with lawyers for the negligent party just to get the litigation settled quickly, but only a lawyer with expertise in the personal injury laws of your state can ensure your rights are protected.

You’re Missing Work

Supporting yourself and your family can be difficult when you’ve been injured in an accident that forces you out of work. Even paid sick time off only goes so far when you’re paying the bills resulting from the injuries you’ve sustained through someone else’s negligence. You should pursue compensation from the negligent party for missing an extended amount of time from work. In situations like this you’d speak with a personal injury attorney to work on your behalf to recover lost wages and other lost compensation that’s a result of the accident.

You Have Long-Term Suffering

The injuries you’ve suffered in an accident caused by the negligence of another person or company could be debilitating enough to require long-term rehabilitative care. You’ve lost the ability to carry on with the daily activities of your life because of the actions of someone else, so it’s only natural that the other party you believe is at fault should compensate you for what could be permanent pain and suffering.

Your choice of attorney for a personal injury in Bradenton, FL, should be someone with expertise and a strong record in personal injury litigation. Erjavec Injury Law has successfully represented thousands of individuals and earned substantial judgments for injury victims and their families. If you’re in need of an experienced personal injury litigator, call us at 941-907-1133 for a consultation.