The Impact of a Car Accident on Your Life

When you’re in a car accident, your vehicle can be serious damaged—but that’s only the beginning of how an accident can affect your life. In many cases, the effects of a car accident can touch every part of your life and can last for years. This is why so many people choose to pursue legal action after an accident in the hopes of receiving compensation for these long-lasting effects. Keep reading to learn more about how a car accident can impact your life.

Your Mode of Transportation

As mentioned above, damage to your vehicle is the most obvious and immediate effect of a car accident. And, in almost every case, this damage forces you—at least temporarily—to alter your mode of transportation. You rely on your car to get to and from work, to transport your children to school and various activities, to run errands, and more. A car accident forces you to change your daily routines and find a new mode of doing all of your usual tasks.

In the case of minimal vehicle damage, you will likely need to take your car to a shop at some point and leave it there for a few days for repairs. During this time, you’ll need another mode of transportation. And, in some cases, you may find yourself without a car for weeks and may even need to purchase a new one. Of course, all this comes with a cost.

Your Health

Injuries are common in car accidents. Many are minor and don’t severely impact your life. But in other cases, injuries can affect you for weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes, the true severity of your injuries isn’t apparent until several days after the injury. When the full extent of your injuries becomes apparent, you may find that they impact your ability to go about daily activities. You may be in daily pain and require ongoing medical care or physical therapy to recover. This, too, comes with a price tag.

Your Ability to Work

For some, injuries from a car accident are severe enough that they impact their ability to work. When this happens, you’re forced to take time off and suddenly find yourself without the income you rely on. This loss of income can seriously impact your lifestyle and ability to continue to live comfortably, especially in the face of high medical and vehicle repair bills.

Your Mental State

Many car accident victims experience mental and emotional effects of their accident. Sometimes, they find themselves unable to drive because they fear they will be in another accident. If they’re in pain on a daily basis, this may cause them to experience related feelings of depression. Stresses related to medical costs and/or loss of income can cause victims to experience anxiety.

Your Family

Even if you were the only one in your vehicle, you aren’t the only one affected by your car accident. All of the above factors have a ripple effect and touch your family and all those around you. Your family must also deal with changes to their mode of transportation. Repair costs and medical bills impact your entire household, as does a loss of income. Loved ones may also need to take time off to care for you if you’re injured.

As you can see, the effects of a car accident go far beyond the damage to your vehicle. If you’ve been in a car accident due to another person’s negligence, you have the right to receive compensation for all of the factors mentioned above. Contact Erjavec Injury Law at to speak to a car accident attorney in Bradenton today.