The Importance of Hiring a Vehicle Accident Attorney

All drivers try to avoid accidents by driving defensively, using turn signals and rearview mirrors, and obeying speed limits. But one factor that can’t be controlled is the behavior of other drivers, and this factor means planning for the eventuality of accidents. While all drivers must have automobile insurance, many drivers mistakenly assume that insurance will fully protect them from the legal and financial repercussions of an accident. This is where legal representation from a qualified, experienced auto accident lawyer in Lakewood Ranch, FL, can make a difference. Whether you have a fender bender in Sarasota or a major accident on I-75, consider these reasons why a car or motorcycle accident attorney can serve your interests.

Saves Time

Most types of accidents have legally restricted time periods in which plaintiffs can initiate litigation, commonly called “statutes of limitations.” Because initiating legal actions outside of these time periods becomes exceedingly difficult, lawyers for both plaintiffs and defendants need as much time as possible to prepare a case properly. So whether you’re the plaintiff or defendant in a case, don’t waste time deciding whether to pursue your own litigation. You can’t act too quickly in contacting an accident lawyer to ensure your best legal outcome.

Expertise and Experience

If you’re the victim in an accident, it’s all too easy to be taken in by websites claiming to offer legal advice that will allow you pursue litigation successfully. The fact of the matter is that the laws surrounding vehicular accidents and damage claims are complex, and deciding even which damages to pursue is a question of considerable complexity, to say nothing of the difficulty of self-representation against professional defense counsel. Having a trustworthy attorney at your side for each stage of this process helps to ensure your best chance at complete restitution, which is a type of confidence that no DIY legal website can offer.

Accident Defense

Finding yourself the defendant in an automobile accident case is a frightening prospect that all drivers may face, whether they anticipate it or not. This is because automobile accidents can cost anywhere from several hundred to several million dollars, depending on the severity of the accident. If you’re facing litigation, chances are that the plaintiff has sought professional legal counsel, and the only secure way to genuinely protect yourself not only from astronomical damages but from losing out against an experienced attorney is to make sure to have one of your own.