The Most Common Injuries in Car Crashes

No one likes to think about the possibility of a car crash, but the statistics are fierce. An average of 20,000 accidents, ranging from minor to severe, occur daily in the U.S. It’s helpful to know the most common injuries. Be mentally prepared, and you’ll stay calm as you wait for help.


Whiplash is the most common injury reported in car accidents of all types. It occurs when your body reacts to impact of the crash. Your neck and back may “whip” back and forth rapidly. Even though the motion is brief;it’s intense. Sustained injuries can stay with you over a long period of time. Be sure to get checked at the hospital if the responders suspect whiplash.


Head injuries are another prevalent result of a car accident. It’s a common misconception that concussions can only result from your head making physical contact during the crash. This is categorically untrue. In fact, a severe whiplash action can induce concussion.

Broken Bones

There are 206-bones in the human body. In a car accident, broken bones are caused by the blunt force of the crash. Fractures can occur anywhere within the body, but the most common are in the extremities we instinctively employ to protect ourselves, specifically the: hands, arms, feet, and legs.

Joint Injuries

Our bones are surrounded and supported by joints, ligaments, and muscles. Injuries to these areas are categorized as musculoskeletal. If they’re stretched, compressed, or bent awkwardly during the car accident you can sustain potentially “invisible”, internal injuries. Get diagnosis and treatment immediately to prevent long-term damage that can impact your daily life.

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