Things to Inform Your Personal Injury Lawyer About

Every attorney-client relationship rests on honesty. That’s especially true during a personal injury case.

Medical History

Your lawyer will need to know if anything in your medical history might be exacerbated by or have impact on your recent injuries. This could include previous surgeries, prior accidents, or even chronic problems. Depending upon the nature of your injury, even something like diabetes or depression might be relevant. Be sure to cover this with your attorney. Just as your doctor needs all the essential information to aid in your recovery, your lawyer needs details to help build the strongest case possible for you.

You should reveal any medical issues, accidents, or problems that have occurred since the accident. Opposing counsel might try to state that you’re seeking compensation for health problems that are in no way related to the personal injury, and your attorney needs to have a counter to those claims.

Criminal History

Court cases are tough, and your past will inevitably be brought up. If you have no criminal history, that’s great. You have nothing to discuss. However, that’s not going to be true for everyone. Even if you personally think that your criminal history has no bearing on your personal injury case, you should share it anyway. It’s very likely that it will be discussed, and your attorney can’t be well prepared if they don’t know what they’re going to be facing. If your lawyer is caught off-guard, that’s not going to help you at all.

Financial History

Specifically, you’ll need to reveal if you have filed for bankruptcy. Settlements become part of your estate, and your personal injury attorney will need to coordinate with your bankruptcy lawyer to ensure that some of the money is made available to you. The quicker this can be coordinated, the easier it will be.

It’s unfortunate, but personal injury claims can quickly become messy and ugly. If you have any other outstanding debts, financial issues or concerns, you should go ahead and discuss those specifics with your attorney. This information may be brought to light throughout the legal process, and it’s good to have responses ready for any questions or concerns that might be presented.

Personal History

If you’re planning to file or have filed for divorce, and your spouse was supporting you immediately following the injury, he or she may be entitled to part of the settlement. It might be an uncomfortable conversation to have, but it still needs to be discussed. Your lawyer is required to ensure that they receive fair compensation.

Any personal injury defense attorney in Venice, FL, can only make use of the data they have available. The better informed and prepared they are, the stronger a case they can build for you. Yes, it can be uncomfortable, even embarrassing to discuss such personal details with your lawyer. However, your rights and legal interests will be best served by honesty and openness.