Tips on How to Strengthen Your Motorcycle Accident Case

Motorcycle accidents are messy. From the accident scene to injuries to hiring a Venice FL, personal injury attorney to insurance to court cases, an accident that involves a motorcycle tends to be thorny. If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, making sure you give yourself the best chances possible to prevail in court is paramount. Here are some tips you must follow to do that.

Get Checked out

Even if the accident victim does not appear to have any “serious” injuries, make sure they get checked out by qualified medical personnel. Accident injuries can be tricky and some injuries don’t reveal themselves until hours or even days later. If a person is conscious at the accident scene, they should ask for medical transport and describe their injuries to the emergency responder. It’s also important that they stay in the hospital for as long as the medical staff recommends. Each of these steps helps their personal injury accident attorney in Venice, FL, establish the timing of the injury and a link between the accident and the injury.

Continue and Finish Medical Treatment

It’s very important that the person in the accident follow the physician’s instructions and continue treatment as it is prescribed. In many cases, before an insurance company will settle a claim, the medical treatment has to be completed in its entirety. Completing treatment also removes a possible path to denial by the insurance company as they cannot blame the injuries or subsequent complications on not following medical advice.

Check the Police Report

Every Police Officer has to file a preliminary and final report pertaining to the incident. If possible, get both. The police report(s) will contain information that is useful for the accident victim’s attorney and it will help establish who the Officer adjudges to be at fault. The preliminary report usually has to be filed with the Police Department within 72 hours of the accident. The final report can take weeks. Making sure you get both if you can (some Police Departments will not release preliminary reports unless forced to do so,) can help your attorney for personal injury in Venice, FL, establish the facts of the accident.

Photo the Scene

If able, the accident victim should take pictures of the scene of the accident. Photograph the bike, other vehicle, road signs, weather conditions, the area of the accident, etc. All this can help establish what happened. The victim should also have their injuries documented for use in the settlement/court process.

Avoid Social Media

It will be tempting to describe what happened (if you are able) on social media platforms, but that’s a huge mistake. Short of mentioning you were in an accident, you should give no details about the accident. Your social media will be inspected by the other side and an inadvertent comment or something said in ignorance can result in you losing your case. Updating your status on social media might be “important,” but not as important as making sure your case is as strong as possible.

Motorcycle accidents are almost always complicated. Giving your Venice, FL, personal injury attorney the best chance of winning takes effort and carefulness. Follow these tips to help your case as much as possible.