Top Road Designs Causing Driver and Pedestrian Accidents

When an accident occurs, it’s usually due to a mistake made by one of the drivers. In the case of an accident between a vehicle and a pedestrian, either person may be at fault, but more often than not, the responsibility lies at the driver’s feet. But what if something else to blame? What if the road itself contributed to the accident? There are actually many elements of road design that can be dangerous and lead to more frequent accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. Keep reading to learn more, and if you’ve been injured as a result of dangerous road design, contact a car accident personal injury lawyer in Lakewood Ranch, FL, to learn what your rights are.

Confusing Roads

Urban sprawl can lead to a lot of roads and intersections that simply don’t make sense. If you’re driving in an area you’re not familiar with these confusing roads can cause you to become extremely disoriented. You may be so focused on trying to navigate your way through the unfamiliar twists, turns, and unexpected dead ends, that you don’t see the pedestrian stepping out into the road.

Unclear Road Signs

Drivers need to be able to see and understand road signs with just a glance. If the road sign is difficult to see or is confusing in some way, drivers are forced to divert more of their attention to understanding the sign. This takes their focus off of the road and makes it more likely that they’ll be involved in an accident. If road signs are somehow obscured, or if they include symbols or abbreviations that are difficult to comprehend, they become more of a hazard than a help to drivers. And, when combined with confusing roads, as described above, you have a recipe for many dangerous accidents.

Uneven Roads

Some roads are designed in such a way that one side of the road is slightly higher than the other. This is usually simply an error in the road’s construction, but if it’s not corrected before being opened to drivers, it can lead to accidents. If you’ve never driven on an uneven road, consider yourself lucky. If you try to change lanes to pass a vehicle in front of you, you may find yourself fighting to get your wheels back over a large lip in the pavement simply to return to your side of the road.

Often, this causes the driver to jerk on the wheel, which may make them swerve into the shoulder where pedestrians and cyclists are frequently present. Uneven roads are a major hazard that should be taken care of during the construction process.

Road Construction

Speaking of construction, this is one aspect of driving that can include all of the aforementioned hazards in one area. When driving through an area under construction, you can find yourself confronted with one sign after another while driving through winding, confusing roads of diverted traffic on uneven pavement. While you should be using extra caution while driving through a construction zone, if the zone isn’t set up properly with clear signs, you may not be at fault if your vehicle strikes a construction worker or other pedestrian.

If you’ve been in an accident and believe that dangerous road design contributed to it, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Lakewood Ranch, FL, right away. Depending on the situation, you may be able to sue the city for damages. Please call Erjavec Injury Law to learn more.