Truck Accidents: Unlocking the Black Box

It’s estimated that there are nearly 5,000 collisions each year that involve semi-trucks. In many cases, these accidents are difficult to dissect. There are many components to consider when determining what happened during these disasters. Luckily, each semi-truck is equipped with a black box. Like airplanes, these black boxes contain valuable information needed to better understand a crash.

Also known as EDRs, or Event Data Recorders, these black boxes are installed as a safety measure in semi-trucks. They record the average speed, the highest speed, and the amount of time driven over 60 miles per hour. This is especially useful when trying to determine whether or not negligence was the cause of a collision.

Along with speed information, black boxes also track the seat belt usage of the driver, the average RPM, airbag performance, and the amount of time the driver has been behind the wheel. While these may not seem important, they provide a safety record that’s invaluable when dealing with the aftermath of a collision.

With this information, it’s much easier for law enforcement officials, attorneys, and insurance adjusters to determine whether or not a semi-truck made a hard stop, was speeding, or was driving longer than recommended. These numbers could prove that the accident could have been prevented, thus winning your case.

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