Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury lawsuits cover a broad range of incidents and complaints. However, most of these cases fall into 6 broad categories. Check out this blog to learn those 6 types of personal injury cases so you know which category you fall under before you contact a personal injury lawyer in Bradenton, FL.

Car Accidents

This is the source of most personal injury cases in the USA. Accidents usually occur because at least one person was not following the rules of the road. The person responsible for the accident can often be held financially responsible for injuries incurred in the accident.

Slips and Falls

These are another common category. Many times, slips and falls occur because the property owners were not properly maintaining the property. Though liability in these cases differs in each situation, it is fairly common that the property owner can be held responsible for injuries incurred due to poorly maintained sidewalks, stairways, and buildings.

Medical Malpractice

This occurs when a doctor or health care professional fails to provide competent care, resulting in the injury of a patient. These cases are extremely complex, and can be difficult to prove, but a lawyer will be able to better advice you on your particular case.


These cases refer to injury to a person’s reputation rather than to their physical person. This usually occurs in the form of untrue statements made about the person. For this type of case, the key is to prove that actual harm (usually financial loss) came because of the untrue statements that were made against you.

Dog Bites

The exact laws regarding an owner’s financial responsibility for injuries caused by their dog can vary by state. However, in most states, a dog’s owners can be held liable if the dog bites someone; but in many states, the dog owner is not responsible for damages if it is the first time that a dog has bitten someone. You’ll need to know your state’s laws for this type of case.

Intentional Harm

These cases almost always accompany a criminal case against the person who caused the injury, because the injury was caused by actual malicious intent against the victim. These types of personal injury cases include assault, battery, or prolonged domestic abuse. For example, if one person physically attacks another, the attacker will likely face criminal charges, but the victim can bring an additional injury lawsuit against their attacker to receive compensation for their injuries.

If you feel you have a case that falls under any of these categories, contact a personal injury defense lawyer in Bradenton, FL.