Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

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As you would expect, there are many different hazards that can lead to slip and fall accidents. However, these all fall under the banner of personal injury, which means that the experts at Matthew Erjavec, P.A., can help.

Learn about the different types of slip and fall accidents and then contact the legal team at Matthew Erjavec, P.A., to determine if they can assist you.

Poor Upkeep

Sometimes, accidents happen simply due to a lack of proper upkeep and maintenance. Sidewalks may have cracks that haven’t been repaired, or railings may have been allowed to remain loose. These present potential dangers to customers or visitors in the area. Steps that aren’t secured can jostle or move while people are walking, and that can easily lead to a fall. Business owners are required to tend to their locations so that such issues can be resolved in a timely fashion, but sometimes they fail to do so.

Spills or Other Hazards

Even if a business or facility is adequately maintained, other problems can occur. Liquid left on the floor can result in someone slipping, especially if there’s no sign put in place or it isn’t cleaned up quickly and correctly. Lost or damaged merchandise can contribute to a slip or fall, such as small items like nuts or bolts, which can roll underfoot and cause someone to trip.

There are any number of scenarios that can result in a slip or fall. If you’ve been the victim of such carelessness, be sure to contact Matthew Erjavec, P.A., so you can be made aware of your rights.