What Do I Do If Someone Hits My Car?

Emotions and adrenaline can run high after a car accident no matter how severe it is. Getting lost in chaos can be a common occurrence especially for people who have never been in an accident before. We’re here to walk you through the exact steps to take after someone hits your car.

Safety Comes First

The most important thing to remember is to prioritize your safety. Regardless of how the accident occurred, make sure you and your passengers are okay before trying to sort anything out. This means getting your car to a safe place if possible or getting yourselves away from further harm.

If your vehicle still works, move it out of oncoming traffic and pull over to the side of the road with your hazard lights on. Also be sure to do take a quick look at your car. If there is glass from a shattered windshield or there’s a chance a fire could start, put some distance between you and your vehicle before trying to handle anything else.

Call for Help

The next step is to make the necessary phone calls to those in the community who can help you. This may be an ambulance if anyone has sustained injuries, the police to help with documentation, or even your insurance agent who can walk you through the steps and keep you calm.

Staying levelheaded after an accident is much easier if you have someone there to guide you through it. Even in minor accidents, getting the police on scene can be helpful because the police report can provide extensive insight when it comes to filing claims and establishing who’s at fault. It’s also a good way to keep record of details that may be forgotten by the time they’re revisited in a personal injury case.

Document Everything

While you’re still at the scene of the accident, you want to take the opportunity to document all the information pertaining to it. You will want to take pictures of your vehicle as well as the other person’s and jot down descriptions including the make, model, and year of the cars.

Collect contact information from all those involved from drivers to passengers and even the badge numbers of police on scene or information of any witnesses willing to provide you their details.

Also be sure to get insurance information from the other driver such as who their insurance provider is and their policy number. You do not have to ask about policy limits. In fact, this is something the other party will not want to share, and you should do the same. Keep this information private and be sure not to sign anything unless requested by the police or your insurance agent or admit fault.

Get In Touch

Finally, you’ll want to clean up any loose ends after an accident by filing your insurance claims, getting in touch with family or roadside assistance, and reaching out to a lawyer if you believe this accident has caused you injuries.

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