What to Know About a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

Spinal cord injuries are common. But have you heard about a spinal cord injury lawsuit? Well, it’s a whole area related to civil laws and regulations. And that’s precisely what we are going to explore today. From the basics of spinal injury law to common causes, we’ll help you understand it all about the spinal injury law.

What’s Spinal Injury Law?

We all know about the spinal injury; it’s the damage to the spinal cord or backbone that leaves the victim in full or partial loss of motor control and sensation. Spinal injury law covers all the rules and regulations related to it. Spinal injury law helps the victims to sue the person who’s responsible for their loss.

Spinal Injury Law Types

The case value of a spinal cord/backbone injury depends on the severity of the damage. As most spinal injuries have the potential of inflecting life-long severe disability, the money recovery chances are enormous. With that being said, here are two types of spinal injury law.

Spinal Injuries Caused by Negligence

Most of the spinal injuries are based on negligence. For instance, if a person gets struck by a car or slips in a wet storefront. In this type of spinal injury law, the harmed person is responsible for proving the defendant at fault. And without actually proving the defendant party guilty, the case will not move forward.

Spinal Injuries Caused by Defective Products

Another type of spinal cord injury law is if a person’s backbone was damaged due to a defective product, like if a car’s airbags didn’t blow at the time of an accident. In this case, the person can sue the company for selling a defective product/feature.

General Steps of a Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

Although every SCI case or spinal cord injury case is different, they follow the same pattern from the victim’s perspective. And here’s how most SCI cases unfold.

Contacting and Meeting SCI Lawyer

First, the victim needs to contact a spinal cord injury law firm to seek an experienced lawyer. Then, upon the first meeting, the victim is supposed to fill in the lawyer with all the information related to the case.

Reviewing the Contract

Once the victim has explained the case and circumstances to the SCI lawyer, the lawyer will draft a legal contract. From lawyer fees to details of the case and the recovery amount the victim is looking for, everything will be included in the contract. The plaintiff must review the agreement before proceeding.

Investigation and Communication

Once the victim has signed the contract, the SCI lawyer will start investigating and making up the case. Moreover, the lawyer will also communicate with the party who’s being sued, like insurance companies, individuals, or another party.

Making the Decision

Once everything is clear and on paper, the victim will decide if they would like to settle on an agreement or go to trial.

Compensation of Common Damages

Compensation of common damages like life care costs, loss of earning capacity, and loss of enjoyment can easily bundle up to a hundred thousand US dollars. And the right SCI lawyer can ensure you get the proper compensation for your loss.

SCI lawsuit helps many people to get justice and compensation for their loss. If your backbone has been damaged by the negligence of a third party or a defective product, spinal injury law has got you covered.

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