What to Know about Catastrophic Injury Claims

Catastrophic injuries are injuries that so greatly impact the life of the victim that the person is no longer able to pursue a livelihood or engage in basic daily activities. These injuries are considered catastrophic within the legal system because they result in permanent disabilities that dramatically alter the course of the victim’s life. When they occur, they can be the subject of catastrophic injury claims that seek to gain compensation for those who believe they were wrongfully injured in a catastrophic manner.

Person in Wheelchair If you believe you have been the victim of a catastrophic injury, you should begin your search for justice by hiring a personal injury accident lawyer in Bradenton, FL, to represent you and argue your case. For example, if your catastrophic injury was incurred during a traffic accident, you should find an auto accident lawyer who can protect your rights and win you favorable compensation that can restore some of the income and freedom lost as a result of the accident. Keep reading to learn a few things you should know about catastrophic injury claims.

What Makes an Injury Catastrophic?

While the interpretation of catastrophic injuries may vary from case to case, usually a catastrophic injury is defined as a debilitating injury that causes prolonged suffering and rehabilitation, loss of livelihood, and inability to pursue routine daily activities. Injuries that generally fall under the catastrophic injury label include spinal cord injury or paralysis, traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures, organ damage, severe disfigurement or burns, or loss of senses such as vision or hearing. They differ from regular personal injury claims in that the damage is permanent and debilitating in the long term. Regular injuries may result in short periods of lost work and temporary inability to enjoy a high quality of life. Catastrophic injuries are those injuries that are permanent or require extensive healthcare and rehabilitation.

Compensation is Critical

Those who suffer from catastrophic injuries often incur extensive medical bills for initial treatment and surgery, prolonged hospital stays, extensive physical therapy and rehab, and home healthcare. As a result, many cannot pay for these services, and they shouldn’t have to if it can be proven that their injuries are the result of another party’s negligence. When catastrophic injuries are at the center of claims, compensation is owed not only for the cost of medical care, but also lost wages, the potential loss of livelihood and career wages, and the diminished quality of life experienced by the victim.

Statute of Limitations on Catastrophic Injury Claims

When it comes to catastrophic injury claims, victims have a window of time to initiate a suit against a responsible party believed to be at fault for the injury. The statute of limitations is the window in which a suit must be filed for the case to be considered. In Florida, the statute of limitations is 4 years in most instances, though there are allowances that extend the statute of limitations period to 7 years if specific prerequisite conditions are met. That means that victims of catastrophic injury must file a claim for compensation within 4 years of the injury that is the subject of the suit. In other states, the statute of limitations can vary widely, though it is usually no less than 2 years.

What to Do if You Experience a Catastrophic Injury

If you think you have suffered an injury that is considered catastrophic, you should immediately seek medical attention first. Your health and safety could be at stake, of course, and that is of the utmost importance. But seeking medical treatment soon after a catastrophic injury will also begin the process of medical documentation that will be critical in the event you file an injury claim. After receiving treatment, the next call you should make should be to a qualified personal injury attorney who can advise you of your rights and evaluate the merits of your case.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, make sure you seek medical care and find a personal claims attorney who can evaluate your case. If you were wrongfully injured in a way that leads to loss of livelihood and quality of life, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more about the things you should know about catastrophic injury claims, visit Erjavec Injury Law at https://www.injurylaw941.com/personal-injury-lawyer.html.