What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney


Have you ever met a Personal Injury Attorney? Have you ever needed to seek legal advice or aid following an offense?

Perhaps you’ve looked up a question on a legal matter online. Reaching out to a lawyer or consulting with an attorney is a whole other ballgame.

However, if you must pursue legal aid for redress, it is pertinent that you do this. To do so successfully and with as few qualms as possible, you should know a few things to look out for when searching for good legal representation, especially with a Personal Injury Attorney.

We’ve got some tips for you including –

1. Choose an attorney with a specialty for your particular case.

Every attorney has an area that they’ve dedicated their practice to so they can become a specialist in that sector of the Law.

Choose an attorney whose forte is representing clients with similar cases to yours. That way, you’re certain you’re getting the best representation, thereby, increasing your chances of winning the case.

2. A personal injury attorney should be available and accessible to you at all times

Search for a personal injury attorney that is highly available. That way, you get answers to all your questions and you can rest assured your rights are protected and not infringed upon at any time.

3. Evaluate the attorney’s success rate

Consider the number of cases the attorney has won. If possible, also consider the average amount of money they have been able to recover for past clients.

In other words, check your potential attorney’s winning ratio and success percentage before going with them.

4. Go for a Personal Injury Attorney that prioritizes you

Make sure you discuss personally with your potential attorney before hiring them.

If they can’t take five minutes out of their day to talk to you personally, rather, they have their secretary, paralegal, or intake person do all the talking, then what type of attention do you envisage getting from them?

You deserve an attorney that will give your case full attention. As such, look out for one that doesn’t seem overworked. If they’ve got a big, high-profile case, perhaps steer clear of them until things settle.

In the meantime, look for a personal injury attorney that is likely to prioritize you.

5. Make sure to discuss fees before signing

Unless you want another lawyer to represent you against the first lawyer on issues of money, you should discuss payment.

The legal fee payment plan is a very important part to consider when choosing a personal injury attorney. This should be solely based on an agreed percentage of the amount the attorney can recover for you.

You shouldn’t have to pay anything until after the case is won. In a situation where nothing is recovered, you shouldn’t have to pay.

But if the lawyer spent their money hiring investigators and such, you might have to reimburse them. This is why it’s pertinent that you discuss such issues beforehand.

6. Choose an attorney that genuinely cares about you and your long-term wellbeing

The attorney should be willing to take over all communications as regards the case on behalf of the client. They should also be real and honest about the weaker parts of the case instead of playing up the strengths of the case.

An attorney that only cares about their pocket or bragging rights wouldn’t be great for you. Instead, choose one who is genuinely interested in helping you get your life back on track.

The thing about living on a planet with over 7 billion people is that issues will arise. People will either be offended or offend other people.

This brings us to another thing about the world. There are laws and order. So, not all offense has to go unanswered. Everyone deserves the best legal representation they can during such moments.

Hopefully, our tips help you note the important checkboxes in your search for the appropriate lawyer for redress. At Erjavec Injury Law, all the checkboxes and more are ticked.

If you or your loved ones need an excellent personal injury lawyer or have additional questions, please give Erjavec Injury Law a call at 941-907-1133 or visit our website for more information.