What You Need to Know about Red Light Running Accidents

Red lights and stop signs keep drivers safe and manage traffic. Most of the time drivers follow the rules and stop at lights, but that doesn’t always happen. When drivers run red lights, this can cause injury and sometimes even death. Accidentally or on purpose, almost everyone has run a red light at one point or time, but there are some drivers that speed more often than others or drive more recklessly and ignore red lights. If another driver runs a red light and hits you, you need the help of a Bradenton automobile accident attorney to help you file a personal injury claim.

Often, drivers involved in these kinds of accidents feel like they can’t prove their case. Keep reading to learn what you need to know if you’ve been hit by a driver that ran a red light.

What to Know about Red Light Accidents

If you’re involved in this type of accident, you must get as much information as possible to prove your claim. Always do the following:

·        Call the police

·        Insist on a police report

·        Get the other driver’s information

·        Collect names and numbers from potential witnesses

·        Don’t make statements to anyone other than the police

·        Call a personal injury lawyer right away

Importance of Filing a Police Report

Police reports are important for making a case in a red light accident. If you’re reading this post and haven’t been in a red light accident, remember this. Always call the police to come out and file a report following a red light accident.

When you hire a car accident personal injury lawyer, the first thing they will do is review all the reports about the car crash. Your attorney will obtain the police report from the agency that responded to and investigated the crash. Police reports have valuable information pertaining to your case that helps your attorney make a strong personal injury claim.

What Happens When a Police Report Isn’t Filed?

If you were involved in a red light accident and didn’t call the police, your personal injury accident attorney has to do a little more work to do. First, your lawyer will request video evidence. Many cities have red light cameras installed at busy intersections. These cameras can provide valuable information as to what happened during the accident.

In instances where red light cameras aren’t available, it’s possible that security cameras in the area caught the accident on video. Your attorney may work with private or public entities to obtain the surveillance video to use with your case.

Lastly, if you don’t have a police report and there isn’t a video of the accident, attorneys can get any phone or texting records from mobile carriers. If you believe the person was texting and driving and this behavior led to the accident, your attorney may be able to get access to these records to prove the other driver was engaging in this risky behavior.

Red light accident cases can sometimes be hard to prove, but it’s not impossible. When you hire an experienced car and motorcycle accident lawyer in Bradenton, FL, you have a better shot of making a strong case for a personal injury claim. If you were hit by a driver that ran a red light and need legal counsel, contact Erjavec Injury Law at (941) 907-1133.