When’s the Right Time to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Sometimes a car accident insurance claim is straightforward, and there is no reason to get a Sarasota accident attorney involved. If the claim is small or the proposed insurance offer seems to be fair, you might just go ahead and take the settlement and walk away. However, there are times when you may need to get an attorney involved. Here are some of those times as outlined by the experts at the offices of Matthew Erjavec P.A. in Sarasota, FL.

Business of Insurance

It is important to realize that insurance companies are generally trying to save money so that they can post huge profit margins. Paying out on a claim creates a precedence that can be used later in court if the terms are released. In order to deny claims, insurance companies have tried to shift blame or have required that applicants get told “no” a certain number of times before the claim gets looked at. This meant that those who were unwilling to jump through insurance hoops ended up paying for something that their insurance policies should have covered.

Dispute of Injury Claims

One warning flag that should signal you to get a personal injury attorney in Sarasota, FL, involved is if the insurance adjuster or claims agent asks you for medical records from prior to the accident. Your medical records are private information between you and your doctor, and they should not be handed over to anyone lightly. The insurance adjuster might claim that this type of request is routine. That claim should not dissuade you from hiring an attorney. It is important to remember that some injuries take longer to heal and others may not be revealed at the time of the accident. Settling just to get the process over with is a bad idea.

Unsure about Anything

If you are unsure about anything, a Sarasota personal injury lawyer can help you figure things out. Ask yourself questions like:

·         Do I know that this is a fair settlement?

·         Do I know who is at fault?

·         Do I have the power or energy to negotiate this settlement?

Lawyers that practice with an emphasis on personal injury and car accidents are experts at negotiating with insurance companies. A good lawyer often won’t even have to go to court to get you the settlement you deserve. Because they work with similar cases, your case is easier for them to deal with, especially when it comes to removing the emotion and doubt from the negotiations.

Wage Claims

If you have a claim that involves a loss of wages and are a salaried employee, it is a fairly straightforward process to prove how much money you lost due to the accident. However, for entrepreneurs or people who work a lot of overtime, it may be a little more difficult to prove a loss of wages. Having a Sarasota car accident attorney on your side will ensure that you get the amount that you are due when it comes to a loss of income. Keeping your income at a relatively stable level will help protect your family, your home, and your happiness.