Who Is at Fault in a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic and lead to severe injuries and even death. There are situations where individuals in a motorcycle accident may have to deal with head injuries, paralysis, or limb loss. Over 80% of motorcycle accidents lead to an injury or death.

Of course, the question remains: how do you determine who is at fault when it comes to a motorcycle accident? Here is a guide to help you determine who is at fault in a motorcycle accident.

Who Is Liable?

Before you contact your motorcycle accident lawyer, it is best to have an idea about who is at fault for the motorcycle accident. For example, the passenger vehicle driver might be liable for the motorcycle accident because they didn’t follow traffic laws.

However, there are other possibilities when it comes to a motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle accident lawyer may eventually determine that the motorcycle manufacturer is liable, or a motorcycle repair shop is liable because they overlooked an aspect of the motorcycle’s maintenance. A motorcycle accident lawyer may even find that a local jurisdiction is liable for the accident instead.

There may also be situations where the motorcyclist was negligible in the accident, which will affect any potential financial compensation.

What Caused the Motorcycle Accident?

Your motorcycle accident lawyer will want to know as much information as possible about the motorcycle accident. They will want to know how, where, and when exactly the accident took place. There are many reasons why a motorcycle accident can occur: the passenger vehicle may not have kept a proper lookout for motorcycles, or it might have swerved suddenly in front of a motorcycle. Left-turn accidents are also a major cause of accidents involving motorcycles. In the case of a fatality, a motorcycle accident lawyer might file a wrongful death lawsuit.

What else could cause a motorcycle accident? Of course, there could be a situation where the motorcycle driver or the passenger vehicle driver was impaired. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will want to know about any sudden stops or unsafe lane changes that led to the accident, as well.

Other Elements

A motorcycle accident lawyer may also find out that there were other factors that played a role in a motorcycle accident. For example, there may have been too much debris on the road. A little bit of gravel or a slick road could lead to a serious accident. In this situation, even an experienced motorcycle driver may find themselves in a motorcycle accident. Your motorcycle accident lawyer will want to know if there was loose gravel on the road, the road conditions at the time, whether the road was under construction, and other relevant motorcycle accident information.

There may also be a situation where a motorcycle began wobbling due to bad weather, such as a thunderstorm or snowstorm. Wet or icy roads can contribute to a motorcycle accident. A motorcycle accident lawyer may have to deal with clients that were simply inexperienced at driving motorcycles, as well.

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