Erjavec Injury Law, is a personal injury law firm in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys are dedicated to serving individuals or their family members when they have been victims of an accident. Our areas of expertise range from External link opens in new tab or windowfalls and medical device failures to drunk driving accidents and even External link opens in new tab or windowwrongful death cases. The majority of the cases we handle involve car and motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured, turn to our firm for a personal injury accident attorney who can advocate for you.

Why You Should Choose Erjavec Injury Law?

We believe in justice and fairness for our clients, and that is why we fight for rightful compensation if you have been injured in a motorcycle or car crash. An auto accident lawyer will be your personal representative against those who try to deny you the compensation you deserve, including the responsible party who caused the accident that injured you and damaged your property, as well as tackling complexities in the legal system and combative insurance companies.

Big insurance companies begin formulating a case against the injured party immediately after the accident.

  • They may attempt to blame you for causing an accident in which you were injured, and not at fault.
  • They may attempt to discredit your side of the story or even claim that you are falsifying your injuries. Insurance companies have tough lawyers on their side, and they work to prevent you from getting the compensation that you deserve.
  • Fight them with an equally strong advocate on your side: a personal injury accident attorney from Matthew Erjavec, P.A.
  • We know the tactics that insurance companies use to avoid taking responsibility for accidents.
  • We will act to defend your right to compensation and have experience fighting insurance companies so that they pay out, even when they don’t want to.

Car Accidents

A External link opens in new tab or windowcar accident attorney in our firm will act as your personal representative, advise you, answer any questions you may have, and win compensation for your injury. We understand that a serious injury can affect your lifestyle, health, property, ability to return to work, and even your family. If you are then forced to pay for damages you are not responsible for, the financial strain can be ruinous. We will make sure that those who have caused a motorcycle or car crash are held responsible and compensate you.

Motorcycle Accidents

If you trust in a car and motorcycle accident attorney in our firm, you can expect excellent results. Some of our recent clients include an auto accident victim who was awarded $850,000, a client who was awarded $300,000 for their injuries after a car crash, and a External link opens in new tab or windowmotorcycle crash victim who was awarded $1,900,000.

We offer client-centric legal services, starting from the moment your injury occurs. Our phones lines are open 24 hours a day, every single day, so that you can enlist the services of an auto accident attorney as soon as you need us. We offer FREE first consultations and only work on a contingency basis—in other words, we only expect payment for our services if you win compensation. A car or motorcycle accident lawyer in our firm will never expect payment up-front for their services.

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