What is the Average Personal Injury Settlement?

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One of the biggest questions those going through a personal injury case have been the compensation they will receive. Whether you experience injuries in a car accident as a result of a negligent driver, or are a victim of defective products, a settlement is the end goal for you and your personal injury lawyers. While settlements can range anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, we hope to shed some light on the process.

Factors Affecting Personal Injury Settlement

There are simple factors to take into consideration that will affect your compensation. For one, the injuries that you have sustained play a large role in the case, which is why it is highly encouraged to document as much as you can and find witnesses to back up your case. In most scenarios, the more serious injuries come with higher medical expenses and more disruption to life damage and, therefore, higher payouts.

The insurance companies have an impact on the cap that you can receive. Insurance companies won’t offer settlements that go beyond the limits of the policy.

Value of a Personal Injury Settlement

The value of your settlement is determined by many different components. These include punitive damages, economic damage, and pain and suffering. These are the parts of a case that make each one unique and what makes it difficult to determine an expected compensation without an expert attorney reviewing your case.

If there is higher economic damage, such as expensive medical bills or months without work, this can increase the value of the settlement. There are other aspects that can also play a role in skewing the value of a claim.

Our Experiences

Erjavec Injury attorneys have represented thousands of individuals throughout Florida and earned millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and their families. While each case comes with its own, unique history, here are some of the wins that our team has experienced.

  • $1,900,000.00 — Clearwater Motorcycle Accident — Orthopedic Injuries, Mild Brain Injury

Our client suffered severe orthopedic injuries and a mild brain injury after being involved in a motorcycle accident. The Bradenton team was able to resolve this quickly by establishing liability, severity and permanence of injury, long-term economic impact, and future medical treatment.

  • $850,000.00 — Sarasota Car Accident — Neck and Back Injuries, Chronic Pain Condition

Our client suffered neck and back injuries as a result of a high-impact car accident after school carpool in the morning. In addition to seeking compensation for injuries, our lawyers were able to identify chronic pain ailments and use it to build a strong case on her behalf.

  • $95,000.00 — Tampa Car Accident — Shoulder Injury

Our flight attendant client sustained shoulder injuries after a car accident that put her out of work for an extended time. We were able to resolve her case by demonstrating significant wage loss and received near-maximum compensation.

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